Adidas ADBL-10414 8 Kg Dual Grip Medicine Ball

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It may sound obvious that a dual grip ball allows you to train one handed rather than needing to hold the ball constantly with two hands, opening up endless possibilities for training the body through all three of its planes of motion, sagittal, frontal, transverse. The rubber ball has deep handles molded in to its sides with its mass balanced in the center to enable you to use it both single and double handed. To be your best hold the ball in one hand, stand with your feet apart and swing the ball from hip height across your body to shoulder height then quickly drive it back down to the start position, keep going and if you so wish add intensity, a squat and a jump at the bottom and top of the movement. Sagittal are forward and backwards movements. Frontal are side to side moves that's the confusing one and transverse are anything that involves rotation of the trunk and torso.
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