Olympia No Limits White Shirt

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  • The Olympia T-Shirts have been made with a very good combination of fabric quality: 50% Cotton and 50% Modal.
  • Cotton, as we all know, is one of the most suitable fabrics for sports and fitness apparel in the region as it is a natural fabric(not synthetic like polyester) and very absorbent fabric for sweat and also a highly breathable fabric allowing the sweat to move away from the body. Modal is a new fabric developed is fast becoming a standard in high-quality sports and fitness apparel.
  • Modal is made from the pulp(crushing) of trees and hence it is also a natural fabric. Its main advantage is its smoothness on the body. Modal gives the smoothness of polyester without the smell and synthetic nature of polyester, which especially in this region is the main problem when someone wears a polyester-based sports apparel. It is also highly absorbent and very good wicking (sweat management) property.
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