Reebok Shaped Yoga Block

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A Yoga block can be used to facilitate many Yoga poses and acts as a handy helper for more challenging stretches and poses. You can move the lightweight Yoga block to the positions that best suit you and your practice level. The block basically brings the floor closer to you and its non-standard, cut-out shape provides additional grip and stability, more so than your typical Yoga block. When performing your downward dog, you may find you cant quite reach the floor without the pose becoming uncomfortable. The shaped Yoga block, measuring at 22.8 x 15.2 x 7.6cm can then be used to help train you in becoming more flexible, and able to reach the floor without using it. Though theres more to the firm Reebok Yoga Block than stretching and balance assistance, it can also be used for general strength exercises, adding another level of intensity to your Yoga workout. The block is particularly useful in learning internal and external rotation moves. Plus, if youre performing restorative Yoga, practice designed to relax and restore your body, the green Reebok Yoga block is good for that too.
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