Condtions and Articles Agreement

Article # 01 : Preface

Our dear valuable guest , you are the most welcome in our Umarksport.com , here we are providing you with all articles and conditions which belongs to your log in and access to the website "Umarksport.com " and all pages , elements , links ,tools, features , of this agreement and which includes all details and it assure your commitment to respond to the contents of this agreement related to ‘ United Trading and Marketing co " which will be referred later as "WE" or as (U-Mark Sport ) or Umarksport.com ) and "com" regarding to your usage of the site which refer late as " user agreement " or "conditions and articles " since this agreement will be valid if you accept the condition and article of this agreement .

Article # 02 : Membership Policy and Registration Obligations

Upon submitting the application for membership registration , in the site you are binding to provide specific information and select user name and pass word to be used when entering in website . Upon accepting you application you will be considered as a member and you will accept the following :

  1. We are in U-Mark Sport grant the membership only for person who are age is more than 13 years old
  2. We will give you irrevocable and not transferable license for the purpose of usage of the site and the specific conditions and rules
  3. It is prohibited to use the membership for commercial purposes or to be use with third party user name unless it is allowed before clearly and transparency
  4. Your selection for registration or membership in any type of service or features related the site , it means your accepting to provide correct accurate and pupated information about your self and to be updated whenever any change happen .
  5. U-Mark Sport has right to cancel any member account who is less than 13 years old with the commitment of settle all dues and finical account immediately upon closing the account
  6. Upon cancelation of his membership from Umarksport.com no any person will be allowed to use the website
  7. You should follow all applicable laws related to electronic commerce through net
  8. The membership has no right to open two accounts at the same time and for any reason and the management of U-Mark Sport has to right to freeze the two account or cancel one of them with the commitment to settle the closed account form any finical dues before closing
  9. You will be committed to keep all your account and pass word confidential and specify the persons who are allowed to have access and use your account at the website and you accept to inform Umarksport.com immediately for any person who is not authorized to use your account or any hacking happened to secret information
  10. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect lost finically or morally happen you
  11. You are responsible to use the website seriously and honestly and you are committed to compensate Umarksport.com for any direct or indirect lost due to the use of authorized person by you who use the website and have access by using your pass word
  12. U-Mark Sport will be committed to use your personal information and contact address with top confidentiality with the delivery companies and only contact information will be given to them when you purchase goods form Umarksport.com
  13. You are committed to keep all registration data and update them to keep them correct , complete and updated . in case if you are not providing correct , complete and updated information ,U-Mark Sport has right to cancel or freeze your account or your membership in the website without affecting other U-Mark Sport rights and legal means to recover its rights
  14. U-Mark Sport has absolute freedom and volition and at any time to make investigation which might be necessary by ( U-Mark Sport or third party ) and you be binding to provide and reveal any additional information and document whatever its size to verify your Id or your membership of your financial tools
  15. In case if the applicant of registration is representing trade establishment in this case he has to provide all necessary information and required documents which includes your trade license and other documents of the establishment and or documents of authorization to present the establishment
  16. You accept that to provide any information and or document to Umarksport.com in case if it is required
  17. In case if your not binding with all mentioned above , the management of Umarksport.com has right to stop or cancel your membership and withhold you form website and reserve full rights to cancel your account which are uncertain or operation or account which are not active for long time
Article # 03 Amendment Policy on conditions and articles and mechanism applied by U-Mark Sport :
  1. You accept that the communication with you will be made through e-mail or by your mobile or SMS or by broad advertisement in the location and you accept all agreement , conditions and articles , advertisement , messages , data , and other communications which provide electronically will be considered as written document for responding to legal requirements .
  2. U-Mark Sport will send you e-mail messages during your membership to inform you about any changes or procedures or new advertising activities might be added in the website
  3. You as a user has right to not accept to receive these electronic advertising messages and you can cancel the option of receiving them by selecting the buttons of cancelation
Article # 04 Policy Amendment to he conditions of agreement and articles and mechanism applied :
  1. You knowledge and accept the Umarksport.com will inform you any amendment in the user agreement and as per this your responsibilities will be increased or your rights will be decreased as per the amendment might be done on conditions and agreements
  2. You accept that U-Mark Sport has full authority without any liability to make amendment , major or subsidiary or partial to this agreement without taking additional approval form you at any time and with immediate effect by sending these amendment on location or without sending
  3. You acknowledged and accept that Umarksport.com is not considered as auction or bank and is not providing similar services . Umarksport.com are considered as Electronic location on the website which allows selling U-Mark Sport goods.
  4. The location has right to make amendment on product prices or shipping charges as he see fit and we are not binding to declare any amendment through your email on your mobile or through Umarksport.com . amendment can be temporally or continued either in the price or on fees or in details of shipment services and you must be binding to these changes .
  5. All fees will be calculated in Saudi Riyals and American dollars and you have to settle al dues on Umarksport.com in addition to any taxation or other expenses within three days from the date of sent invoice by Umarksport.com and the payment should be mad through proved payment method Which are shown in the location
  6. In case if your not settling the fees and calculated expenses of your operation in the site .Umarksport.com without any legal responsibility will reserve its right to :
  • Issue and direct official warning letter for not settling your dues in time
  • In case if the payment is not settled within 03 days form Umarksport.com invoice date , in this caseUmarksport.com has right to stop your account temporarily or permanent
  • Umarksport.com keep its right to take any necessary steps including the legal procedures in case if you do not settle the fees resulted to Umarksport.com
  • For account which are due for more than 7 days the amount will be deducted from your account ( Niqati ) and you have no objection for Umarksport.com do so provided that to inform you by e-mail
  • Umarksport.com reserve its right to take all necessary steps including but not limited on legal claims to collect its due fees or taxations or proper expanses
Article # 05 :
  1. Security payment system from Umarksport.com for purchasing goods from location could be done through internet totally or partially thorough payment method by Umarksport.com or cash payment on delivery "POD" or by transfer or bank deposit at U-Mark Sport bank accounts or any other method of payment might be provided by umarksport.com on the website from time to time
  2. The availability of security payment system or cash on delivery is to facilitate sale to the customers to complete the deal by internet and supervised by umarksport.com
  3. All Purchase operation on the website will continue as it is done bilateral between Umarksport.com and buyer of U-Mark Sport products
  4. Umarksport.com is not responsible of make to ensure the credibility of any user
Article # 06 Personal information and information of operation Details policy

01 you have no objection to grant umarksport.com unlimited right , internally, permanent and irrevocable and exempt from cost and licensed to use your personal information and materials which you have provided to us or declared in the website during registration process .purchase , through format or by any other electronic message or by any other available communication channel in the website for the purpose of operating and advertising the site as per the conditions and articles agreement

Article # 07 restricted Products information policy while using the location

Umarksport.com will not sale or trade as per the Ministry of Commerce . Custom authority and Ministry of interior and all other concerned ministries the following products as example :

  1. Unlicensed Drugs and lotions as per Ministry of Health.
  2. Explosive material and firearms.
  3. Pet and wild animals , birds and its part.
  4. Products which are not allowed from religious point of view.
  5. Spirit drink , liquor , tobacco with all kinds anesthetics.
  6. Program laser disk . CD -not genuine
  7. Sexy Video tape and other related tape.
  8. Item legally forbidden to be circulated.
  9. Product of animal origin.
  10. Documents and historical artifact.
  11. Bond which include shared instruments , custom bond or any financial instruments.
  12. Services and public announcement for sites and companies.
  13. Piece of arts which is not allowed for export.
  14. Antique , treasures as per stated in the law.
  15. Any damaged goods fake not valid counterfeiter or can cause harm during the usage.
  16. Fresh food , chemical materials and carbonated.
  17. Any products which is not allowed to sell or export issued by any government body directly or indirectly.
  18. Counterfeit goods for registered trade mark internationally or locally.
  19. Stolen goods or unknown sources or have no license to sell.
  20. Publish information or news which are indecent within custom and traditional.
  21. Broadcast information ( according to our assessment ) is false , misleading or troublesome.
  22. Publish remarks , questions answers which are not correct which include racism comments.
  23. Assault on other users and insulting other culture.
  24. Insert information or provide good which will violate intellectual properties for the third party, other IP or right of privacy.
  25. Publish any dirty information which include sexy information or any other information which we see is not acceptable.
  26. Publish any information ( as per our view ) is political opinion criticism or it will cause harm to the public interest.
  27. Publish any information or content or insert any ( as per our view ) is political opinion criticism and it is against religion or local tradition.
  28. Publish any information or content or goods ( as per our assessment ) might not be compatible with Islamic laws.
  29. Publish any information, content or insert any ( as per our view ) that will threaten the public interest.
  30. Publish any information or content or insert any ( as per our view ) that encourage gaming or gambling.
  31. Using exciting words which are not suitable when goods put on sale by putting names for the product or to get attention
  32. Prohibited act during sale operation during sales
    • In case if you are not settling the payment for goods purchased
    • Claiming that you did not get the goods while U-Mark stated that the deal has been done and the process has been completed successfully as per the agreement
    • Any decisive act any means including hacking by you or by support of other person or by the help of any other user
    • Any act which threaten the security and the confidentiality of information and the website or disclose or use any data or information for any reason or any work which is not related to U-Mark
    • Transfer your account on the website and user name to other party without informing the site management and get approval for this transfer
    • Distribute or announce any illegal communication or with big size or serial of message
    • Distribute any harmful program e .g virus , brogans , time bombs or any other programs or technology which can cause damage to the website or to the users interest and properties in case if it is proven that he will be responsible to compensate all lost without any responsibilities to Umarksport.com
  33. Fabricate any claim to Umarksport.com with all or partial lost for the service of internet operator or any other provider
  34. any act which cause or might cause ( as per our view ) high and unnecessary cost on our infrastructure and on operation policy .
  35. Intervention or try to influence on work performance on the website
  36. try to seize or capture other user account by making decisive operation on the site or other user account or other filed related to the user
  37. Export or Re-export any tools belongs to the site except which mentioned in the agreement and laws which organize the export
  38. Reproduction , amendment or distribute any website content or violate copyright or trade mark by any way .
  39. violation any law K conditions ,articles ,system , instructions ,right of third party and Umarksport.com contract .
  40. cause any damage or lost to Umarksport.com during the operation of granted shipment services from Umarksport.com or feature , or other contract or conditions . or article which belongs to Umarksport.com which exposure on the website from time to time .
Article # 08 Undertaking , Announcements and Warrantee Policy :
  1. You have reached 13 years old or above
  2. You have authority to bind the establishment ( if you are representing the establishment )
  3. you will be committed with all international and local laws which are applicable in this regards and the rules of using the site
  4. work among the site policy to secure and maintain the privacy of information and communication , you will not discover any details of information or contact address including the phone numbers , post address , email address at any place at site including the format or forum and detail of goods or by any feature of site e-mail
  5. you will not reveal any personal information of users or you will not use them ( as per our view ) which violate their privacy or confidentiality and law which are applicable
Article # 09 Copyright and Publication Policy :
  1. All content which are included in the website including but not limited to the text , graphic design , logos .trade mark icon buttons ,symbols s , sound sections , digital load , data collated and electronic program it is the property and copyright and reserved either to U-Mark or its users or to other party .and for authorized and it is protected with copyright , trade mark , and intellectual properties and creativity
  2. content which are included in the website it is inclusive property and reserve right to Umarksport.com and protected among copyright beside the trade mark and intellectual properties and creativity
Article # 10 Trade mark and logo owned Policy :
  1. All umarksport.com and owned logos ,words ,other marks on the website including "U-Mark" and "U-Mark sport " , ‘Olympia " , "Emoi Power" either its registered Trade mark or Unregistered to Umarksport.com and it is protected with law of intellectual property
  2. Umarksport.com trade mark might be used for other products or services outside shops
  3. All other trade mark which are not owned to Umarksport.com and which will be appear in website will be owned to their owner and who may be belongs or not to the Umarksport.com
Article # 11 Damage Policy :
  1. any type of problem must be informed regarding any violation which affect the user agreement in Umarksport.com
  2. If you think the intellectual property has be violated in this case you have to inform Umarksport.com about it
  3. In case if the violation act has been proven them U-Mark has right to stop or cancel the user from the website
  4. U-Mark can take Technical or legal steps against user who are creating problems or any type of legal claim like violation of intellectual properties for the third party or dealing indecent with the agreement user or with our contract .
  5. Showing address and link to other out side location is not allowed even if the goods has been displayed in the site and he will responsible for any damage might happen to the site e, g virus or harmful programs either of U-Mark or to its users
Article # 12 Delivery, Replacement and Return Policy :

Free Delivery only to all our customers in Saudi Arabia when you buy any order of SR 250 and more,orders less than this amount will be subject to a 30 SAR surcharge.

Umarksport.com has " Replacement and Return Policy " which aimed to support the customers to protects their purchase at website

The client must make sure that he received the bill upon purchase form Umarksport.com through e-mail or through delivery company since we are apologize for not able to apply the "replacement and return policy" unless the original bill is submitted by the client

Sport equipment policy:

It is allowed to replace them if the same product category within one week from the date of purchase order or for maintenance within the period of warrantee as per the company policy which shown in the warrantee card .

Sportswear Policy:

It is allowed to return them Of the same product category within one day or replace them within three days from the date of purchase order provided that it is not used and in good condition

Electronic devices policy:

Allows retrieval in three days from the date of purchase or replacement in the same period.


The value of the products is returned only.

Article # 13 U-Mark Liability Policy:
  1. U-Mark Sport will guarantee the quality ,value , salability in the market and they are responsible to make sure it is in good condition before sale and delivered to the customer
  2. Either U-Mark Sport are supplier or manufacturer for any goods for sale or for buy at the website
  3. Umarksport.com are not responsible for level of link safety to out side the web and we are not guarantee that it is free of virus or other destructive means . You acknowledged and accept that U-Mark .net is not responsible about the content or availability of these locations
  4. Umarksport.com will exclude from its guarantee and its articles and conditions any finical lost vilification or any other damage related to misuse by you or inability of using the website . In this case Umarksport.com will not hold any responsibility or claims .
  5. You exempt Umarksport.com or his officials . representatives regarding any claim ,disputes , cost ,damage ,responsibilities or any direct lost to any party form any misuse carried by website users any you are particularly exempt Umarksport.comas per applicable laws from any claims on this regards ,
Article # 14 Confidential Policy
  1. Umarksport.com will take all physical, regulatory technology ) standard to prevent any unauthorized person to have access on your personal or ID information and keeping them . Bearing in your mind that the internet is not safe and confidential way to keep your information 100%
  2. Umarksport.com will provide your e-mail or mobile # to the shipper to complete the deal through the website so as they can contact you to complete the shipment and payment .
  3. U-Mark Sport has no control on other party act like other internet pages which linked to this website or third party which claim that they are representing others . You acknowledged that Umarksport.com are using your information which provided by you to provide the service by Umarksport.com and send for you marketing messages .
Article # 15 Cancellation of user agreement policy :
  1. in case if the conditions and articles agreement is violated
  2. in case if Umarksport.com is not able to verify information provided by you
  3. in case you other party violate the conditions and article agreement the Umarksport.com will not waiver its right and they will take all appropriate action against the violation . Umarksport.com will not guarantee to take action against all violation of user agreement
Article # 16 Payment on Delivery Policy ( POD )
  • The payment upon receiving should not be more than US 5000- ( SR.18500 )
  • Only cash installment will be accepted no other ways will not accepted like checks or credit . as a result you will not able to receive your shipment if you want to use to credit card . Click her to get more information to know the method of payment through internet by using credit card .
  • In case if you refuse to receive your shipment by any reason or if you are not able to pay the full amount at the time of delivery is this case you are going to loose the advantage of payment on delivery (POD) upon purchasing on Umarksport.com or freeze your account with us.
Article # 17 Cancellation of Delivery/Membership Policy :

Without any damage to you other rights and your legal means to recover your rights .the Umarksport.com can stop or cancel your sponsorship or you access to reach the site at any time and without any warning and by any reason and without any restriction and also U-Mark can cancel the user agreement

Article # 18 Warrantee Policy:
  1. U-Mark Sport will provide the goods and the service as per the condition of the goods and as per availability and as per warrantee for specific period and ensure the validity of usage and its quality , U-Mark Sport guarantee the quality , accuracy and the perfection of goods and U-Mark Sport is not guarantee the information , text and design, method of communication used through the site .
  2. U-Mark Sport guarantee repair work and not guarantee the site is free of virus in the site or other things which might cause damage to the customers . It is possible that during the entering in the website the information might be delayed or damaged and site from time to time could not be ready due to repair or maintenance or developing . You agree that U-Mark Sport are not binding to support the location and you agree clearly that to visit the site and hold the responsibility and risk by your self .
  3. U-Mark Sport guarantee maintenance of the product or part of the product during the period of warrantee and as per the agreement of product warrantee
Article # 19 Define Responsibility Policy :

as per allowed by the law , the Umarksport.com and its staff , Managers ,agents and suppliers and providers will not be hold responsible for any direct on indirect existed as a result of using the site . in case if you are not satisfied with the site or its content the solution is to stop continue to use the site and also you agree that any un authorized usage to site and its service due to your carelessness will result in lost to U-Mark Sport in this case U-Mark Sport will apply the rules and conditions of the agreement .

Article # 20 Security Policy :

You agree that you must provide security to U-mark Sport and its Managers and staff and their agent and protect them from any damages as a result of claim , lost , defects or expenses can occur due to you violation to this agreement or to any other amended law or trespass to third party rights

Article # 21 Relationship and notices Policy :
  1. The conditions and articles of this agreement are not include existence of partnership between you and U-Mark Sport, and you have not authority to bind U-Mark Sport in any case and any notifications you wish to send to U-Mark Sport should be sent through e-mail and U-Mark Sport must reply your e-mail
  2. You accept and acknowledge that all notification sent to you through e-mail will be declared in the web site or through your e-mail which provided by you during registration process and is assumed that you have received this notification within 72 hours from the date of delivery and also the notification could be sent through mail which provided by you and it is assumed that you have received them within 07 days from the date of delivery .
Article # 22 Transfer of Rights and obligation Policy :

You are giving Umarksport.com the right to transfer part or all his right ,interest and obligation and responsibilities to other parties who are working with him without coming back to you as per this agreement and U-Mark Sport is committed to notify you about the transfer in case if it is took place and to be published in the web at the same time you can not transfer these right, interest and obligation to third party unless you get prior written approval from U-Mark Sport as per the user agreement .

Article # 23 General Information Policy :

In case if any paragraph in the agreement is nil , cancelled or not valid so these cancelled paragraph will not cancel other paragraphs which exist in this agreement . This ( Agreement ) which might be amended from time to time ) will place all points for negotiation and discussion for more understanding between you and U-mark co with the consideration to the followings :

  • Any body who is not part of this agreement has no right to impose any articles or conditions to this agreement .
  • If any translation is made to this agreement other than into English either through the web or by any other way so the English text will remain prevailing
Article # 24 : Law and Legislation Policy :

This user agreement is governed and formulated as per the law of kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it is subjected fully to the law which are applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .